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Can You Imagine . . !

By W. Wilson Lippy

Each year I say this is the greatest year ever for CFO. This has been true once again, based on reaching out to more people for Jesus – changing lives! When you read this magazine you will understand why.

In many areas we are experiencing the greatest movement of Jesus we have ever seen. In all our events, young people, mostly high school kids, are searching. There are so many downright evil, secular and social pressures taking these kids the wrong way in life.

The Lord has placed CFO in the traffic lanes where these young people are. They are coming into our booths by the hundreds wanting to know Jesus.

Many times I have asked "Did you just come in to get a wristband?" Most of them say, "I wanted to know more about God." Obviously, the Holy Spirit is drawing them into the booths.

Going Global

Another of the greatest movements for Jesus I have ever experienced is the thousands of young people, mostly 25 to 35 years old, coming out of international countries – many former communist countries. They are finding freedom in Christ they have never experienced!

These young people have a great desire to reach their people for Jesus. They have asked CFO to help them with this by sharing in an easy and effective way through the different colors.

In Budapest, Hungary, we worked with more than 1,200 individuals from 31 different countries. Many pastors from all over the globe say their churches have grown because of people coming to know Jesus through the message of the beads.

We could not have imagined that in 2010 CFO would be helping people to reach out for Jesus in Burma, Poland, China, France, Albania, Romania, reaching Muslims across the globe, and many others in more than 50 countries in other parts of the world!

To God Be The Glory!

Just between January and August 2010, we have helped by providing over 100,000 wristbands, tracts in 14 languages, and beaded rawhides in these countries.

We continue to help churches and outreaches in many areas of the United States start their outreach for the Lord by using the colors. Pastors are reaching out to us so they can help their congregations grow in faith and in their walk and boldness for the Lord.

CFO continually prays, seeks the Lord's direction, and remains readily available for whatever He has for us! We are deeply touched by the way the Lord is using CFO to reach people for Jesus.

We could not reach out without your tremendous support in all areas. Stringing beads on rawhides, traveling – often long distances at each volunteer's own expense – to share in booths; and giving generously of their finances to meet the needs of this ministry. Everything you do and give goes directly to reaching lost souls!

"Call on me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not."
- Jeremiah 33:3
CFO theme verse

Dear Friends of Christian Farmers Outreach...

Our hearts are broken at the loss of my Daddy and CFO's longtime President, W. Wilson Lippy. He is rejoicing with the Saviour and meeting the untold thousands who are in the Kingdom because of the ministry. What a celebration!

Please honor his memory by sharing the Gospel with all you encounter - just like he always did. A waitress, a mechanic, a Governor, a fellow farmer, an accountant, a total stranger - rarely did he meet someone without sharing the colors and the message of salvation.

The ministry will continue to thrive under leadership mentored by my father. We pray for the newly appointed President, Lou Enoff, Admin, Afrooz Emami, and the CFO Board as they carry on the great work the Lord has planned.

Here is Daddy's story... https://youtu.be/PLpE-IURyac

Services will be held the weekend of October 13 - 15. Details are on the website of Eline Funeral Home.

Heidi Lippy Sprinkle
Editor, CFO Magazine