2023 Luncheon

April 1, 2023 – 12pm
Pleasant Valley Fire Hall
Purchase tickets today for the 34th annual Christian Farmers Outreach Spring Luncheon, a must-attend event.

2023 Magazine

The Answer for Our Problems

One of the great social problems facing the free world today is called “abnormal behavior.” Every year, millions of dollars are spent for research to find out what is wrong with people mentally.

2023 Magazine

He’s Thankful His Accident Happened

Since his rescue and recovery, Jim Welling, a farmer in Howard County, Md., has shared this testimony numerous times of how God spared him for a higher calling. Jim and wife Ruthie have been avid CFO workers ever since.

Chairman’s Message

I am writing this message during the first week of October, sitting in a beautiful rental home on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Hurricane Ian passed here with little damage, yet devastated parts of Florida and South Carolina.

Our prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones and with many who have lost their homes or suffered severe damage. It will be years before some can recover.

The United States and most of the world have pretty much weathered the perils of Covid. Many lost loved ones. Many more suffered the vicissitudes of shutdowns, lockouts and other intrusions on daily life thrust upon us during the last 30 months.

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